Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Mechanical and Plant Engineering is one of the most innovative industries in Germany, setting standards in developing and applying future technologies.

Most of the mechanical engineering applications filed at the European Patent Office come from Germany.

In 2012, the German mechanical and plant engineering accounted for 16.7% of machinery traded worldwide, making it the world’s leader in the field, followed by Japan, USA, and China.

With more than 6,000 companies employing around 964,000 workers, making it highest employing industry among all the industries of Germany.

In terms of revenue, it is the 2nd largest industrial sector in the country.

Demand is so high in this sector that the vacancies cannot just be filled by the local labour force and opportunities are growing in this field for foreign skilled workers.

Innovation contribution is high in this area of economy and major chunk of funds are invested in the research and development activities, making it an open sector for more opportunities and expansion.

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