Lead Software Development Engineer (SDE)


A lead software development engineer (SDE) plays a very important role for a large number of businesses and corporations due to the reliance on computers and technology of this modern age. The qualifications required involve a number of high-level technical skills as well as an important character trait associated with being an effective leader.


Write, modify, and debug software for web sites.
Test and document software for client applications.
Use source debuggers and visual development environments.
Test and document software for web sites.
Work with designers and content producers.

Eligibility Criteria:

A degree in some computer software-related field is definitely helpful, but not always required.
Paid job experience in computer programming and engineering is given high regard, and basically a person needs to have 10 years or more employment experience in computer programming in order to be considered a viable candidate for the job of a lead SDE.
An advanced knowledge of computer programming and familiarity with a multitude of the most widely used computer languages is required, which include, but not limited to advanced knowledge of HTML, C++, Java, Shockwave, etc.
Companies that require advanced computer graphics or animation will require knowledge of Photoshop, CorelDraw, Python 3D and other common programs used to create sophisticated graphics for games and applications.
Familiarity with various operating systems is often required, as well.
A lead SDE should be experienced and comfortable working with the latest Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux-based operating systems.
Excellent leadership and communication skills.

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