Information Technology Specialist (IT)


Information Technology specialists are needed in most office settings. They are highly important for the staff to solve the IT related issues with the applications they use. Also, they play a key role in coming out with new ideas to enhance the way businesses work.


Coordinate the set-up of data services, as well as phone, computer, and printer installation.
Coordinate the planning, implementation, and maintenance of all information technology products.
Troubleshoot information technology-related issues for both hardware and software.
Maintain, manage, troubleshoot and upgrade computer systems and servers for performance and security related issues.
Provide end-user support for a variety of web applications.


A bachelor’s or master’s degree in information technology.
Must understand programming languages and be a computer-savvy.
Excellent problem solving skills in their domain area.
Good amount of knowledge in information technology.
A prior experience in the related field is an advantage.

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