Industrial Engineer

Job Description

Industrial engineers are responsible for the production of material in a company’s manufacturing unit. They decide what kind of work needs to be done, and they find ways to increase productivity of both the machines and the manpower. They also help in maximizing factors of production like labour, technology, material and energy. Some of the duties of an industrial engineer include studying product requirements, designing mathematical models that meet those requirements. They also design manufacturing systems.

They are also experts in understanding the functionality of the machines that are being used in the production environment, so they are able to modify the machines to work as efficiently as possible. In order to perform these duties, industrial engineers need to be efficient problem solvers with good organizational skills. Because they are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the machinery, they should also have a high aptitude for mechanics. Most of their work is done in an office environment, but they may be required to work in a factory, laboratory, or warehouse in order to identify problems and supervise plan implementation. They report ideas to improve the production environment of the manufacturing unit to company executives.


Increase production productivity by implementing better labour or production processes.

Determine quality and reliability requirements of the product in production.

Determine effective standards of production, staffing requirements and manufacturing methods through statistical and mathematical calculations.


A minimum of Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering is required.

It is advantageous if they have a background in statistics, management science, quality control, sociology, agricultural behaviour and economics.