Health and Care Industry

The health and care sector is among the largest and most dynamic sectors in Germany’s economy.

The regular introduction of new and innovative products and services makes the industry one of the strongest-growing employment sectors.

The sector offers services and products that are linked to maintain or restore health, which include the services of medical professionals, products related to medical technology and pharmacy.

The country is characterized by excellent health system and is evident from the fact that there is one doctor available for every 238 residents. And to maintain the standard of medical care provided, the inflow of highly skilled medical professionals to fill the vacancies is a challenge and the industry meets the demand by taking candidates also from immigrants’ pool.

Since the demand for medical supplies is increasing around the world, this has helped the German medical technology industry to establish itself as one of the largest and fastest growing fields in the German Health Sector and an ocean of opportunities for professionals trained in clinical engineering, medical/X-Ray and Ultrasound imaging, rehabilitation, and regenerative medicine.

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