Financial Industry

Denmark has been ranked as the top 5 digital economies in the world. It has been possible because of the finance industry’s optimum utilization of IT to maintain its competitive edge.

Finance and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) together contribute towards 5% of employment in Denmark, with a high concentration in Copenhagen, where the financial/ IT sector makes up 13% of private employment.

Today, financial companies in Denmark are on the forefront of innovation and digitalization.

Development of Danish common personal digital signature provides every Dane of age 18 with a unique digital signature to be used for commercial as well as public purpose. One can use it to access internet banking, to change tax registration or even to arrange an appointment with a doctor.

Common debit card “Dankort” is used for a very large part of all payments.

Danish mortgage model with a 200 year old history, being considered as one of the best mortgage models in the world.

All these and many more developments like this, has not only led to growth and advancement but also heads up for making the system better and better to set every day a new benchmark.

Denmark has a tradition of educating highly skilled workforce to contribute to its ever expanding economy but the demand in certain areas like auditing and financial control cannot be met with the local labour market. In order to fill the gap, Denmark government is inviting talented finance professionals from external market, thus creating an opportunity for those professionals who are aspiring to be a part of this HITEC economy.

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