Automotive Engineer


Automotive Engineers design and develop road and rail vehicles to help people commute as well as transporting goods. They monitor manufacturing processes, ensure the operational readiness and the rational use of technical equipment; perform duties in customer service or sales of vehicles and vehicle components.

They work in automotive technology engineering and manufacturing departments of the automobile industry and supporting industries. In addition, they are employed by manufacturers of agricultural and forestry machinery, engineering offices for technical planning or as experts. They may also be operating in technical inspection agencies, research and development institutions or universities.

Shortfall of graduate engineers is stopping many expansion projects, leading to demand from external market to fill the labour shortage.


To qualify for this role, one must have a bachelor’s degree in Electric Mobility/ Vehicle Technology.

For leadership positions and activities in research and development, master’s degree in Electric Mobility/ Automotive Engineering is usually required.

A doctorate is usually required for appointment as a university professor. The promotion may also be facilitated in the private sector, in research and in public administration.


Since the profession is regulated, membership in a Country Chamber of Engineers and the entry in the local list of ‘consulting engineers’ is required.