Electrical and Electronics Engineering

A multifaceted industry with not only experts in production of electrical appliances, consumer electronics and lighting technology, but also the industry is abode to cutting-edge technology industries such as Nano technology and chip production.

The sector mostly consists of small and medium-sized companies.

Close to 40% of the revenue is generated from new products and innovations. This shows that the industry is a key player in competition.

The sector is not only an opportunity ground for engineers but also for those who have taken one year vocational training.

The industry has gone through tremendous growth and is expecting to reach new heights in future as well specially with the demand increasing in foreign trade. To meet this demand the country is facing shortage of skilled labour and is trying to fill the gap by hiring foreign trained professionals.

The country has recently tapped business opportunities in emerging markets of Asia and South America where energy efficiency is an important aspect of technology from business as well as from environmental consideration. And the German companies have considerable competence in this area.

With 20% of all R&D spending happening in this sector, the industry is a serious ground for sincere and dedicated professionals in this field.

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