Diesel Motor Mechanic

Job description

These heavy vehicle motor mechanics test, diagnose, repair and maintain diesel motors and the mechanical parts of the heavy vehicles. Vehicles worked upon can include trucks, buses, plant equipment, tractors and also stationary engines such as generators, pumps and drilling rigs. They may need to work with a variety of welding and processing tools.

Heavy vehicle motor mechanics normally work 38 hours per week. If they work on a Fly-In/Fly-Out basis, they generally work longer hours or shift work. Their work environment tends to be dirty and noisy. They may also be required to travel to the country if they work on plant or agricultural machinery. They usually wear a uniform and may need to wear special safety clothing. They need to be safety conscious when dealing with chemicals and specialized equipment.

Job Titles

Agricultural Machinery Mechanic

Earth Moving Mechanic

Engineering Tradesperson (Heavy Vehicle Mechanic)

Heavy Vehicle Mobile Equipment Mechanic

Heavy Vehicle Motor Mechanic

Vehicle Road Transport Mechanic

Mechanic – Heavy Vehicle

Truck Mechanic

Skills Required

To enjoy manual and practical activities

Good hand-eye coordination and ability to complete precise and detailed work

Mechanical aptitude

Must be good at mathematics

Should be free from allergies to grease, oil or petrol

Physical fitness is mandatory


Learn and apply new technology in advanced diagnostics and repairs.

Comply with safety and EPA procedures.

Perform basic preventive maintenance, as well as troubleshoot and repair all types of diesel engine vehicles.

Maintain inventory of tools and supplies.