Civil Engineering Technician

Job Description

Civil Engineering Technicians assist in drafting, design, and surveying projects. They work directly either on the project site or in the office perfecting designs. Most of the times, they use computer graphics and design software (such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, or Earthworks) to generate plots of ground surfaces, pipe and storm sewer systems, and grading plans.

The technician must have strong communication skills, as they will often be required to communicate with other project contractors about inspections and schedules. Additionally, they will be in charge of documenting construction agreements and project progress as well as reporting any problems or changes in plans that may arise during the project’s duration. The technician will be required to identify the materials required and associated costs of their assigned projects.

They should be enthusiastic and comfortable working either independently or with a project team. They must be resourceful and demonstrate initiative in addition to their technological knowledge.


Document construction agreements and progress and report on problems or deviations from plans.

Communicate with contractors, particularly about inspections and schedules.

Assist in drafting, design, and surveying projects.

Estimate costs and identify materials for specific projects.


Civil Engineering Technicians require a four-year degree from an accredited institution in addition to work experience.

Other positions will accept qualified candidates with a high school diploma or GED in addition to a few years of field experience.

In terms of non-technical skills, the ideal civil engineering technician must be dependable, persistent, result oriented and client focused.