Child Carer/Social Educator/Supporting Pedagogue


Pedagogues have a very broad qualification and are employed in child care services, in centres for handicapped people and also in the sector of services for elderly people.

Most of the pedagogues work in the field of early childhood education and care. In this context, they are comparable to ‘Pre-school teachers’ in other countries.

In the sector of after school care, they might be compared to ‘Play workers’ or ‘Recreation Instructors’ and in other services they are more like ‘Social workers’ or ‘Educators’.

They are often recognized as social pedagogues as they perform on behalf of the society.


A pedagogue’s job is usually distinguished from teachers by primarily focusing on teaching children life-preparing knowledge such as social skills and cultural norms, etc.

There is also a very big focus on the care and well-being of a child.

Many pedagogical institutions also practice social inclusion.

The pedagogue’s work also consists of supporting the child in his or her mental and social development.

About 65% of the employed staff in the respective field have a bachelor’s degree in education/pedagogy, while 35% have received just a short training, or have no training at all. And well qualified educators are an important requirement for quality service in this field of expertise.

Many of the current educators in this profession will retire in the coming years and combined with a decline in the number of young people entering this sector, this will result in a serious shortage of teaching staff, leading to the demand for foreign skilled educators in the field who can come and fill the gap created by labour shortage.


Professional Bachelor’s degree.

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