Child Care Centre Managers


Child care centre managers provide care and supervision for young children by directing the operations and personnel of child care centres and facilities. Regular activities may include the tailored development and implementation of programs for children, the coordination of child care workers and volunteers, and active discussions with parents and clients. Child care centre managers might also be required to create programs and activities for children with special needs or those with a disability. They also run the business side of child care centres, so associated tasks might include bookkeeping and certain administrative duties.

This work environment tends to be noisy, and with typically so many children in their care, child care centre managers need to be aware of everything happening within their workplace at all times.

Skills Required

Good judgment and initiative.

Patience and composure.

Good knowledge of business.

To be responsible and mature.

To be able to work effectively and thoughtfully with children.

Strong leadership skills.


Manage the budget, paying expenses for facilities and monitoring income and expenditures.

Hire, supervise, and evaluate care centre staff’s abilities and how they conduct teaching activities for the children.

Maintain centre’s paperwork, including files on each child and proof of meeting government regulations.

Oversee the daily operation of a childcare centre, plan and coordinate centre programs.

Meet parents to answer questions, address concerns, and report on children’s progress and behaviour.


Should be a degree holder.

Must hold a diploma of Children’s Service.