Business Development Director


Business development directors can have a varied range of tasks pertaining to a company’s overall business development. They often answer directly to the owner of a company, board of directors, and/or to shareholders.


Develop the necessary strategies for the smooth functioning of the business.
Various tasks include fine tuning of departmental tasks, aligning the IT department, figuring out how to market a company’s goods or services to a wider market, negotiating with suppliers, understanding any legal matters that may arise in the course of business, managing sales, understanding the financial needs of the business and coordinating all of these areas into cohesive action plans for the business as a whole.

Required Qualification:

Many business development directors hold degrees in business administration with area of specialization as accounting, macroeconomics, management theory, business law and/or information systems.
A degree may not always be required, but it can be very helpful.
Employers often chose applicants with master’s degrees in business over applicants with bachelor’s degrees.

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