Building Engineer

A building engineer creates plans and designs for construction of various types of structures and may oversee the execution of the plans.

Qualification Required:

Professional Bachelor’s degree.

Access to the Activity

One will need accreditation from the Accreditation Committee for Structural Engineers. The Committee is managed by The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), under an agreement with the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority (DEACA).


Must be able to determine how feasible a project is. This takes quite a bit of computer knowledge and quite a bit of patience as some of the planning is complicated and repetitive.
Must have good interpersonal skills to interact from the investor level to the builders’ level.
Must see that the job is completed in a timely and efficient manner.
Excellent technical and mathematical skills.
Good planning and organizational skills.
Attention to detail.
Fields of work:

Can be employed by a civil engineering consultant or a contractor.
Railways and government agencies (federal, state and local) also hire these professionals.

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