Automotive Engineering

Companies in the automotive industry of Germany are distinguished by their high technological skill and innovation.

The country is a strong player in the dynamic market which is characterized by constant structural and technological change.

With annual expenditures amounting to some €20 billion, the automotive industry spends more money on research and development than any other German industry.

As the demand for cars and car parts is increasing especially from the foreign market, meeting the expectations is becoming a challenge which has led to hunt for the specialized professionals in the area who can contribute with their talent in this ever flourishing business and raise a new bench mark of achievement. Currently, Germany is the fourth-largest producer of automobiles worldwide, after Japan, USA and China.

The concern for climate change world over is pushing the German automobile manufacturers to constantly improve the environmental compatibility and carbon efficiency of their vehicles and to develop alternative engine types. Their success in this direction has made Germans the clear leaders in the field of environmental technologies. And one can find the nation as one of the best places to master their skills with an excellent career.

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