Appliance Assembler


Appliance Assemblers assemble prefabricated components to produce complete appliances or sub-assemblies for small machines.

Appliance Assemblers work across a wide range of industrial production branches in any sector where components are assembled to form larger units or finished products. Employers may include companies which operate in the machine and plant construction sector and manufacturers of household appliances or the electrical industry. They also find employment opportunities in vehicle manufacturing.

A vocational training as an equipment assembler is required for access to the activity.


Edit parts of the machinery before installation until mastered various metalworking techniques.

Hone or drill turns the parts if needed.

Simple adjustments to the machine tools.

After assembly, they make sure that the composite equipment and small machines also function as intended.

Job Titles:

Appliance Assembler


Mounting (metal, construction)

Quality control (simple control activity)


Plastic Processing


Machinery equipment, plant equipment

Measuring, checking (Metal Technology)

Treated surfaces, refine


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