Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Job description

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers maintain and repair aircraft structures, avionics, mechanical systems, aircraft frames and mechanical parts. They use instruments to measure wear and test controls, replace defective components with hand tools, inspect their work to ensure that it meets established standards and keep records of all actions. Their jobs may be stressful because they have limited time to complete their tasks before the aircraft continues with travel schedules. They can specialize in particular vehicles such as helicopters or jets, or focus on systems such as the engine or hydraulics.


Dismantling, inspecting, testing, repairing and reassembling aircraft engines, ancillary motors, engine accessories, electrical systems, and sub-assemblies of aircraft frames.

Installing electrical circuits and equipment.

Testing aircraft communication equipment, aircraft instrumentation and electronic systems using electronic testing equipment and specialized test apparatus.

Replacing and testing aircraft oxygen system components.

Assembling parts and sub-assemblies of aircraft frames.

Conducting routine pre-flight inspections of engines, aircraft frames and mechanical systems.

Maintaining records of action taken.

May manufacture aircraft electrical, instrument and radio hardware components.