Agricultural Scientist

Job Description

Study commercial plants, animals and cultivation techniques to enhance the productivity of farms and agricultural industries.Act as a consultant in the application of science to the practice of agriculture.Carry out research programs on the breeding, nutrition needs and disease resistance of plants and animals.Provide technical information to farmers and commercial firms trading in agricultural commodities.Study the effects of agriculture on the environment by collecting and analysing samples of soil, groundwater and plants.Carry out experimental programs in controlled environments to develop better environmental management methods.Assist farmers in the planning and monitoring of agricultural activities and in the diagnosis and treatment of problems (e.g. Nutrient disorders in plants and livestock; weed and plant disease management).Train and coordinate the work of technicians and field workers.At senior levels, supervise and coordinate research teams, prepare funding applications and communicate the results of research.Prepare policy advice and assist in putting government policy into practice.

Personal requirements 

  • Good at science subjects
  • Able to analyse and solve problems
  • Enjoy agriculture and/or the environment
  • Ability to make accurate observations
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Well organized with supervisory ability
  • Able to work as part of a team


Minimum of a bachelor degree or higher qualification.

At least four years of Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours.