Agricultural Consultant

Overview :

An agricultural consultant works as a problem solver for their clients. If they work for the government sector, the client base is well established and often provided to them. If they work for a large consulting organization or as an independent consultant, clients may vary from farmers, landowners and corporations to conservation organizations.

An agricultural consultant has a background within the agricultural sector, working as a scientist or a research specialist. They possess a strong background and understanding of the agricultural industry. Agricultural consultants meet with clients to define the scope of work. They assess the situation, provide guidance based on their background, collect and organize data information and prepare a business plan. They work hand in hand with their clients to define a solution to the problem or issue at hand and present a solution on their behalf.

Agricultural consultants provide expertise based on their background and their client’s needs. They solve problems for the client and are involved in every step of the process. They collect the data and work with a team to analyse the results in preparation for the next steps. They must be clear in presenting, not just to their clients, but to anybody involved in the project.


A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required.

Preferred Master’s degree for an agricultural consultant role.

Higher education is still preferred in performing the required tasks.

Agricultural consultants should possess a background and experience in the agricultural industry.