Aeronautical Engineer


Aeronautical Engineering is a highly challenging and rewarding career. Working in offices, computer rooms, hangars and outdoors to take care of the functionality of an aircraft which also involves mental and physical processes is part and parcel of this career.  Aeronautical Engineers constantly work with people like engineers, mechanics, supervisors and FAA (Federation Aviation Administration) authorities.


Conduct tests to measure the performance of new engines.

Investigate failed engines.

Design engines.

Supervise the mechanics to make sure that they are installing everything properly.

Job Titles:

Airplane Engineer

Aircraft Engineer

Engineer, Aeronautical


Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautic/Mechanical Engineering (preferred Master’s degree)

A certification of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) designated Engineering Representative (DER) in Structures and/or Systems is often required as well.

Expert in systems and structural development and maintenance of aircraft.