Accounting Clerk


Accounting clerks are usually under the supervision of Financial Managers within a specific department, and are expected to perform financial verifications and also prepare and submit various health or tax applications (depending on their area of expertise) and interview prospective applicants.


Accounting clerks are expected to work closely with specific financial applications/software that the business or company utilizes.

Additionally, they are required to handle accounts from a multitude of both federal and private sources.

Processing of individual accounts including balance entries, correcting edits, posting payments, refunding bills and making sure debits/credits are posted to their proper accounts.

Deal with client correspondence, mail distribution and customer service including verifications and reconciliation of simple bank statements and department records as well as sorting specific documents.

Handle any problems resulting from payment or billing delays.

Maintain and make necessary adjustments and modifications to records and log such as journals, payrolls, time reports, or property records.


Fundamental understanding of accounting principles, ethics and a powerful ability to both analyse and interpret important accounting data, while also checking for malpractice issues like code verification of various forms.

Should be able to maintain strong work relationships.

Excellent computational skills and should be aware of various software packages designed for accounting purposes.

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