3D Artist


If you have the passion to draw by using a computer, you stand a brilliant chance to be a 3D Artist. Demand has increased in the recent past for 3D professionals because of the advancement in technology. The areas one can look into for opportunities as a 3D Artist are animated movies, video games, architecture and even medicine. A highly progressive field, which is expected to grow by 16% in coming years, so the aspirants can really look into this field as a wonderful career growth.


  1. Create and sculpt digital models, including video editing, 3D modeling and animation.
  2. Using software to create textures and visual effects.
  3. Collaborate with designers and developers to create simulations and final projects.

Job Titles:

  1. LEAD 3D Artist
  2. JUNIOR 3D Artist
  3. 3D Modeling Artist
  4. 3D Environment Artist
  5. Visual Artist
  6. 3D/2D Generalist


  1. As such no formal education is required. However, most companies require certification with either a two year associate’s degree or a four year bachelor’s degree with experience in computer design, animation, and technical drawing.
  2. To start one’s own private business, one should have good knowledge in networking and must have business management skills.
  3. Familiarity with a variety of animation software.

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