Occupation Demand List

The most popular occupations mentioned below

    1. 1. IT.
    1. 2. Engineers.
    1. 3..Finance & Accounts.
    1. 4..Education.
    1. 5. Life Science.
    1. 6. Sales, Marketing & Management.
    1. 7. Trades.
    1. 8. Hospitality.
    1. 9. Healthcare.

All specialist occupations that require formal training and work experience are always in demand.

Each country has it’s own list of occupations. Some have a master list with 300+ occupations for the entire country while others have a state/province list with a smaller number.

The occupations in demand keep changing depending on the market conditions & any quotas that are applicable.

The above list is a short one and only for quick reference.  Even if your occupation is not listed above, you may be eligible.

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