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US waives in-person interview requirements for many visa applicants in India

US waives in-person interview requirements for many visa applicants in India

Abstract: The US forgoes in-person interviews for multiple visa applicants in India.


The US authorities have announced that it would be waiving off in-person interviews for visa applicants in India. The move is aimed at students and workers.

This announcement was made by a senior diplomat of America at its diplomatic missions in India.

Who is it applicable for

The waiver of in-person visa interview is applicable for

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Eligibility for the waiver

The applicants from India need to meet specific requirements to avail of the waiver of the in-person visa interview. The criteria required to be completed are

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The US advisor for Asian Americans says

Ajay Jain Bhutoria, the advisor of US President Joe Biden’s for Asian Americans and the leader of South Asian Community, welcomed this move. He said that the decision was needed for the convenience of friends and families living in India.

Bhutoria said this after a meeting with Donal Lu, the Assistant Secretary of State for South Central Asia. After the session, he had raised this issue earlier with Lu in Silicon Valley.

Lu had confirmed the news that the US has the authority to waive the in-person interviews for a non-immigrant visa.

In the meeting, Lu recently threw light on the changes made in the immigration procedure. Since the US has many opportunities for studies and work, foreign nationals coming to the US for these purposes can gain and contribute to these fields and the economy.

The Indian diaspora in the US has contributed to the American economy by establishing businesses and start-ups. The diaspora also helps in adding to the cultural diversity of the US.

The changes have been made keeping in mind the security concerns of the US.

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