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UAE to announce, ‘5-year multiple entry visit visa to Dubai’

UAE to announce 5 year multiple entry visit visa to Dubai

Highlights UAE to launch a multiple entry 5-year tourist visa

UAE will roll up a 5-year multiple-entry tourist visa on a big scale

UAE has plans to roll out a multiple-entry tourist visa whose validity will be 5 years. The visa will be launched on a much bigger scale so that more and more tourists can visit UAE. The visa will also attract more talents to work in UAE.

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The UAE residents can invite their parents who can enter the country numerous times during the validity period of the visa. It is so because travel and entry procedures for the invitees will be easy through this visa.

Which country is the top source to visit UAE?

India is the top source as from January to October 2022, 1438 million people came to visit UAE. This multiple-entry visa can help immigrants to migrate to US and Europe. There is also a plan to roll out the visa within specific markets and industries

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