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UAE launches Job exploration entry visa

UAE launches Job exploration entry visa

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the fastest-growing countries. There was a massive rise in terms of income and development. A country like UAE will fewer resources has shown an incredible growth of parabola in the last four decades.
UAE is a diversified country equipped with advanced versions of electricity, telecommunications, and of course, utilities that refer to the quality of life. UAE was once such a country where many immigrants lived even before its independence. It has over 200 nationalities, which is the world’s highest percentage of expatriates.

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UAE is a culturally colorful country and has 190 world records with the most extensive, highest kind of records.

UAE Immigration population

The total expat population residing in UAE has reached 10.08 million as per the 2022 census, out of which 8.92 million population are immigrants. The UAE nationals are just 3.49 as of the year 2022.

For every square kilometer, around 102 people live in UAE.

The ex-pat population in UAE:

Expats from country % of population
Indians 27.49
Pakistanis 12.69
Emiratis 11.48
Filipinos 5.56
Egyptians 4.23
Others 38.55

Job opportunities in UAE, 2022:

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New approvals for the job

The UAE cabinet approved new regulations on entry and residence for foreigners giving a larger stake in the economy. This new system encourages and attracts skilled workers and global talent from all over the world and provides high chances of competitiveness and flexible jobs in the market by creating a balance between UAE nationals and immigrants.

Features of the new system

  1. Golden residence scheme: The golden residence scheme is simpler on the eligibility criteria and expands the beneficiary categories. A 10-year residence is granted to professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, graduates and outstanding students, exceptional talents, humanitarian pioneers, and front lien heroes.
  2. Golden residence status valid: There is no restriction on the duration of staying outside the UAE to keep the golden residence status valid.
  3. Real estate investors: This can be purchase a property for 2 million dirhams with a golden residence permit.
  4. Revised restrictions: These restrictions have been released for golden residence holders can sponsor family members.
  5. 5-year residency: This is given to investors or partners in commercial activities under a green residence permit. Initially, the duration period was only two years.
  6. Green residence permit: The green residence permit is also provided for freelancers and self-employed people without requiring a sponsor or employer from UAE.
  7. New entry visas: These are the first of all visas introduced by the UAE. These can be availed without requiring a sponsor r host for the first time. These new entry visas allow single, and multiple entries can be renewed for the same period. Valid for 60 days from the issuance day.
  8. New residence type’s visa: To attract global talent, skilled workers, freelancers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors.
  9. Job exploration visa: This visa does not require a host or sponsor. It is provided to the immigrants with different skill levels by the ministry of human resources and Emiratisation. The minimum qualification to apply for this visa is a degree.
  10. Tourist visa: This visa has been modified and made a 5-year multi-entry tourist visa, and there is no requirement for a sponsor. One should have a bank balance of $4000 or equal.
  11. Business visa: This is an absolute royal entry for investors and entrepreneurs without requiring a sponsor or a host for investment and business exploration opportunities in the UAE.

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