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2 Lakh Immigrants travel to Belarus on Visa-free Travel program

Belarus, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, introduced a 5-day Visa-free Travel program in 2017. Earlier many nations across the globe hadn’t thought highly of the country. However, the perceptions changed as soon as Belarus waived Visa.

In July 2018, the Visa-free Travel program duration was increased to 30 days. Immigrants from 69 countries across the world travelled to Belarus during this time. On February 7, 2019, the Director of the Minsk Information Centre published a detailed report on the impact of it. The reports suggest that nearly 200K Immigrants came to Belarus through the Visa-free Travel program.

Most of the Immigrants travelled from Germany. The study shows that in 2017 over 12000 German Immigrants entered Belarus. In 2018, the number rose up to 18000. Belarus got nearly 8000 visitors from the US. Also, from Italy, it has got almost 10000 visitors. This year the numbers have increased exponentially. The report further suggests that this happened without much advertising and promotion.

The company Henley & Partners has published a world passport rating this year. The report shows that Belarus has occupied the 66th place. There has been a substantial improvement in the position. Yet the country is not quite happy with the results, as quoted by

Belarus citizens believe that the Visa-free Travel program has not received enough support from the Government. Also, there has been no media-advertising and promotion. In addition, for budget travellers, the country is still pretty expensive. There is an absence of low-cost carriers. Poor English and pricy air tickets are reasons why Immigrants often avoid travelling to Belarus.

Registration of Immigrants on arrival is also not a straightforward process. The country could get more visitors given these issues are removed. Despite the drawbacks, Belarus is an attractive destination to Overseas Partners. The Visa-free Travel regime has enabled them to travel to the country for business events. Also, Immigrants are frequently travelling to Belarus on short vacations. The country is expecting more visitors in the coming months.

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