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Changes to the state nomination rules of South Australia

South Australia

Immigration SA has introduced changes to its GSM (General Skilled Migration)state nomination rules.

The new Subclass 491 Skilled Regional Provisional Visa was introduced by Australia on 16th November. With it, South Australia has reviewed its State Nominated Occupation List as well as the requirements for state nomination.

There were no changes made to occupations where “Special Conditions Apply”. The occupations where the status was “Special Conditions Apply” before the Subclass 489 applications were closed remained the same. Also, most occupations which were only open to high-scoring applicants also remained the same.

The new changes to the state nomination rules of   South Australia include:

Immigration SA has also stated that there will be no more addition to the State Nominated Occupation List when the system starts accepting applications.

Applicants must note that South Australia is now accepting state nomination applications for the Subclass 190 as well as the Subclass 491 Visa.

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