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The number of Indians migrating to Canada has doubled

Number of Indians migrating to Canada has doubled

In the last three years, the number of Indians migrating to Canada has doubled, as per an American Thinktank. The National Foundation for American Policy has said that the increased migration to Canada is due to stricter visa rules of the United States of America.

80,685 Indians had taken up Canadian Permanent Residency till November 2019. Compared to 39,705 in 2016, the 2019 numbers saw a 105% increase. The NFAP derived the numbers after analyzing data from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada).

Stuart Anderson, Exec. Director of the NFAP said that as it gets tougher to get into the US, more Indians are opting to study and immigrate to Canada.

However, the study by NFAP could not reveal how many Indians have moved from India and how many from the US. The data available was not structured in a way to find out how many people migrated to Canada from India directly.

Donald Trump’s election campaign was largely based on anti-immigration rhetoric. As he came into power, the Trump-led US Govt. tightened visa rules and imposed several immigration restrictions. Most of the restrictions were on the H1B Visa, the US Work Visa, which made it tougher for tech professionals from India. Indians account for more than 70% of all the H1B Visas issued.

Tougher visa rules have escalated the rejection rate for the H1B Visa. In the first three quarters of 2019, the H1B Visa rejection rate for India was at 24%. In comparison, the rejection rate was at a meagre 6% in FY 2015, as per the USCIS.

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