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The Start-Up Visa Program of Canada for Business immigrants

The Start Up Visa

Business immigrants are chosen by the Canadian government depending on their ability to contribute actively to the economy through the Start-Up Visa Program. A business immigrant is a person who intends to migrate to Canada by starting a business or investing in Canadian business.

Economic growth is accentuated through businesses and their development. Business immigrants can be categorized into two types depending upon the nature of the business they intend to open – Self employed and Start-ups.

Most consistent and one of the strongest banking systems is present in Canada. Many provinces in Canada have comparatively lesser taxes with regards to business and development. Apart from the low taxes, costs of businesses are also pretty lower in several provinces of Canada. This permits entrepreneurs to cleverly make reinvestments into their service or product. Canada has a great quality of life that propels entrepreneurs to choose the Start-Up Visa Program of Canada.

Eligibilities for a Business Immigrant:

Applicants of Start-Up Visa Program of Canada must check with the list of designated organizations. These have been authorized to lend investment funds or offer other types of assistance to start-ups. Support Letter from one of the designated organizations will be of immense help and need to business immigrants. This is because it forms a crucial part of the application for business immigration, as quoted by the Canadim.

Canada is officially recognized to be a bilingual nation. The two official languages are French and English. Businesses are expected to accommodate clients and employees in English and French as well to keep in line with the diverse population of Canada. Your business will also receive the maximum chances of growth by this. It is expected from the Business Immigrants to take a language test from an authorized agency.

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