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Skilled foreigners in Thailand to get smart visas


With effect from 1 February 2018, eligible foreign entrepreneurs, executives, investors in the science and technology industries and other foreign experts are eligible for Smart visas.

This is being welcomed as an encouraging incentive that may aid in bringing down organizational burdens and expenses for those eligible for Smart visas and people employing them. This will majorly benefit the family members who are accompanying them. Smart visas are being offered to individuals who either want to work or invest in Thailand in the 10 select S-Curve industries.

Eligible applicants need to submit an application for Smart visa together with supporting documents to the Smart Visa Unit, a newly setup department falling under the purview of the Board of Investment.

Applications will be processed by the Smart Visa Unit, which will include evaluating technical qualifications, organizing and detecting through immigration issues, confirming if the applied occupations are not lawfully barred by several designated agencies, and getting endorsement and verification from appropriate government bodies that employer firms and start-up firms are in the select S-Curve industries.

These processes need to be completed prior to the Smart Visa Unit issuing for an applicant a qualification endorsement letter to use in applying for the Smart visa at the Embassies or Consulates of Thailand (outside Thailand) or at the Immigration Bureau, which is located at the One-Stop Center (within Thailand).

The Smart visa’s qualification endorsement letter would be valid for 60 days. The entire processing time is likely to be 30 working days after receipt of an application dossier, which is completed.

Overseas startup entrepreneurs under the Smart visa need to establish a Thai company in a bid to abide by the visa requirements, said The Nation.

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