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Quebec targets to admit 52,500 new PRs in 2022

Quebec to welcome 52,500 immigrants in 2022

Canada expects atleast 65 percent of newcomers in 2022 through various economic immigration programs.

On October 28, 2021, Quebec released its New Immigration Plan, which depicts that it could admit nearly 52,500 new immigrants in 2022.

As per the records, Quebec welcomes new immigrants through economic immigration programs, including the QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program) and PEQ (Quebec’s Experience Program).

Highlights of Quebec’s New Immigration Plan

·         Admits 49,500 to 52,500 new immigrants in 2022

·         Welcomes immigrants in all categories

·         18,000 student admissions to meet the admission target of 2020

All these account to 70,000 newcomers to Quebec in 2022.

It targets inviting atleast 33,900, under the economic immigration category with the highest number of newcomers. In this category, Quebec expects to welcome

Every year Quebec Immigration Department presents immigration plans indicating a number of new permanent residents’ admissions and the categories considered.

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Canada and Quebec’s immigration agreement

Canada and Quebec made an immigration agreement in 1991, since then, Quebec started to set its admission target separately. Quebec is unique compared to other provinces in Canada in making such an agreement with the Federal Government of Canada.

The immigration count announced by Quebec for 2022, marks the highest compared to previous ones.


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