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Quebec holds its second Arrima draw of the year

Quebec - Arrima Draw - June 18

Details of the latest Arrima draw on June 18, 2020 – held 6 months after the first draw of 2020 held in January – have been released by the Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration [MIFI] of Quebec.

This is the second draw to be held this year. The previously held draw of 2020 took place on January 16 earlier this year.

On June 18, Quebec invited 7 candidates to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate [CSQ], also referred to as Certificat de sélection du Québec.

Those invited in the June 18 Arrima draw met ALL the 3 conditions –

Their application submitted under the Regular Skilled Worker Program had been finalized
They had filed an EOI with the MIFI before December 17, 2019

They had either –

  • Submitted an application for selection of foreign nationals OR
  • Were staying in Quebec on June 16, 2019 while holding a study/work permit

In order to receive an invitation, the candidates had to have previously filed an Expression of Interest [EOI] with MIFI prior to December 17, 2019. Additionally, at the time of applying, they would also be required to either have been a temporary resident of Quebec or have held a work/study permit in Quebec at that time.

To be able to immigrate to Quebec through the Regular Skilled Worker Program, a candidate will have to first create an EOI through Quebec’s Arrima portal. MIFI will then review the profiles, issuing invitations to those meeting specific criteria based on the labour market requirements in Quebec.

All those that have received an invitation in this round will have 60 days – from the date of their invitation – to submit an application for selection.

After having successfully secured their Certificat de sélection du Québec [CSQ], the candidate can apply for Canada permanent residence.

Those wishing to settle in Quebec permanently and are either a –

can apply for a permanent selection from the province of Quebec under the skilled worker class.

They must also “be 18 years of age or older and intend to settle in Québec with the goal of being gainfully employed”.

List of all Arrima draws held [since the launch of the program in September 2018]

No. of draw Invitation Dates Number of Invitations issued
1 July 4, 2019 691
2 July 17, 2019 259
3 August 19, 2019 444
4 September 4, 2019 32
5 September 25, 2019 169
6 October 23, 2019 89
7 October 29, 2019 73
8 December 12, 2019 85
9 December 17, 2019 220
10 January 16, 2020 23
11 June 18, 2020 7

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