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The benefits of points-based immigration for the UK


Boris Johnson has said that he would want the Migration Advisory Committee to carefully examine the Australian points-based immigration. This is for assessing its suitability for the UK. He is the frontrunner among the hopefuls for the next UK Prime Minister. This would lead to unveiling a policy that would dump the net immigration target of the conservatives.

The reference to the points-based immigration was earlier made by Johnson during the formal campaign in 2016 EU referendum. This was during a campaign that he ran along with Michael Gove the then Environment Secretary.

So, here we examine the benefits of adopting points-based immigration for the UK:

Rising wages

A system based on points would assist in lowering the rate of unskilled immigrants. It would ensure that incoming immigrants are highly skilled and less likely to require public assistance.

US President Donald Trump is the most high-profile advocate of this theory. He has criticised what he calls ‘very low-skill migration system’ existing prior to his election. Trump claims that it was offering Green Cards at record numbers to immigrants with low-wages. This was driving the wages lower, adds Trump.


Michael Gove claimed in 2016 that the system based on points is fair for all. He noted that the UK was already operating a similar scheme for immigrants outside the EU. However, strangely, anti-EU campaigners are unaware of it existing, added Gove.

As of now, we are discriminating against individuals from outside the EU said, Gove. This is plainly unjust, he added as quoted by the Week Co UK.

The official Leave campaign concurred with the views of Michael Gove. It insisted that an immigration system must be implemented by the Government. This must admit individuals to the UK based on the skills they possess. This is without discriminating against them based on their citizenship.


The US Library of Congress has analyzed the point’s based immigration system in Canada. It says that one of the chief benefits of this system that is transparent by and large. This is because prospective applicants can assess the selection criteria. It is to determine if they can secure adequate points to reach the passing score of 67 points.

Thus, the system offers people better prospects for success. This is by providing details in specifically what skills they require prior to immigrating overseas.

Additionally, the successive Tory Governments have failed to manage the net annual immigration targets. The advocates of the points-based immigration say that it will assist them to deliver their promises in migration.

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