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New Zealand will open borders for skilled workers

New Zealand to fully reopen borders, welcome skilled workers

New Zealand has plans to open borders for skilled workers from July 2022. It will allow cruise ships and skilled workers can immigrate to New Zealand. Because of the pandemic, New Zealand has implemented border control. The vaccination rates led the death toll fell below in comparison to the other countries.


Borders opened for some countries

New Zealand has opened its borders for the people of Australia last month. This month the country has opened the borders for the tourists of the USA, Britain and more than 50 countries. New Zealand’s government has announced to open the borders for the people of China, India, and other countries from July 31.

The government has also made an announcement pre-departure test will come to an end in July. The prime minister of New Zealand has stated that this step will allow skilled workers to migrate to New Zealand from July. Healthcare professionals, Engineers, Tech workers, and others can migrate to New Zealand and work.

The step will also help in reducing the labor shortages that resulted due to COVID-19. More than 3 million people used to visit New Zeeland before the occurrence of pandemic. This tourism brought income of 20 percent.

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