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New Zealand approved more Work Visas compared to Residency Visas

New Zealand

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment released the latest figures based on Immigration NZ data. Data shows that there were 472,800 Migrant Visa holders in New Zealand by the end of November. There was an increase of 16,989 or 3.7% as compared to the same time last year.

There has been a steady increase in the immigrant population in New Zealand in the last six years. From 343,065 in November 2013, the numbers have increased to 472,800 by the end of November 2019. So over these six years, the immigrant population in New Zealand increased by 129,735 or 37.8%.

Among the immigrant population in New Zealand, the large group were the ones on Work Visas. There were 211,698 Work Visa holders in New Zealand in November 2019. Work Visa holders accounted for 45% of all the immigrants in the country.

The next big group were the ones on Residence Visas. There were 185,463 Residence Visa holders in New Zealand, accounting for 39% of the migrant population.

There were 74,109 Student Visa holders in the country, accounting for 16% of the immigrant population.

Work Visa holders are not just the largest group of immigrants in New Zealand but also the fastest growing one.

In the last year ending November, New Zealand had approved 251,133 Work Visas which indicated an increase of 9.3%. Compared to November 2013, the approval rate increased by 53.5%.

In contrast, only 34,614 Residence Visas were approved in the last year ending November. This indicated a decrease of 12.6% in the last year.

Residence Visa approvals peaked in November 2016 when New Zealand approved 50,139 visas. Compared to November 2016, residence visa approvals dropped by 31% in November 2019.

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