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Manitoba PNP invites 141 in the second draw of the month

Manitoba PNP Draw June 17

Manitoba PNP in Canada has held another round of invitations under the Provincial Nominee Program [PNP], the provincial and territorial route that leads to Canadian permanent residence.

On June 17, 2021, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program [MPNP] issued a total of 141 invitations – also referred to as Letters of Advice to Apply [LAAs] – to candidates across 3 Manitoba PNP immigration pathways.

Manitoba’s latest provincial draw is the MPNP Expression of Interest [EOI] Draw #119.

The previous PNP draw by Manitoba was held on June 7, 2021.

An Overview of the June 17 Manitoba PNP draw
EOI Draw #119

Total LAAs issued: 141

Express Entry candidates invited: 10

Category Letters of Advice to Apply [LAAs] sent Minimum EOI score required
Skilled Workers Overseas 24

Directly invited under Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

Skilled Workers in Manitoba 95 430
International Education Stream 22 No EOI score required.

10 Express Entry candidates were among the 141 invited in latest draw by Manitoba to apply for their MPNP nomination for Canada PR.

These federal Express Entry candidates were required to have declared their job seeker validation code as well as Express Entry ID at the time of creating their EOI profile with the MPNP.

A PNP nomination fetches 600 CRS points [ranking points] for the candidate in the Express Entry pool of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC]. It is the highest-ranked that are invited to apply.

Hence, a PNP nomination – through any of the IRCC Express Entry linked PNP streams –guarantees an Invitation to Apply [ITA] by IRCC.

Applying for Canadian permanent residence through the federal Express Entry system is by invitation only.

With the latest MPNP draw, a total of 3,705 LAAs have been issued by the MPNP in the 14 draws held so far in 2021.

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