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IRCC announced $6 million funding for Newcomer Women Pilot Program

IRCC announced $6million funding for Newcomer Women Pilot Program

Highlights: IRCC to support projects under the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot Program

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IRCC will provide $5.8million to support 10 projects for Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot Program

IRCC has announced to provide $5.8 million funds to support 10 projects that come under the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot Program. IRCC made the announcement in a 16-day awareness campaign to end the violence against women.

The Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot Program was started in 2018 as Visible Minority Newcomer Women at Work Program. The aim of the program is to help newcomer women to find employment.

Types of occupations

Initially, newcomer women liked to work in positions within the grocery and retail stores. Now employment is also available in the food, accommodation, and hospitality sectors. Newcomer women also like to work for part-time positions. Statistics Canada revealed in a report that 66 percent of immigrant married women and ladies under common-law relationships like to work full time.

Projects in Canada that will support women

Independent organizations all over Canada run different types of projects to help newcomer women to develop language skills. Besides this, other soft skills will be taught to them to help them in getting a job in Canada easily.

One more project is there related to IT and technical skills. This project has been designed to help the women to get an employment easily.

Latest announcement to provide funds

A Gender-Based Violence Settlement Sector Strategy project has been created to end violence against newcomer women. The project has been launched between the anti-violence and the settlement sectors. The funding will help the settlement sector workers to give a response to gender-based violence situations. IRCC stated that this project will provide training, resources and knowledge to the workers of settlement sector to help the victims. The duration of the project is 4 years.

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Web Story: IRCC to invest $6 Million funds on Pilot program for foreign women immigrants

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