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India tops list for Australian visitor visa applications since full border reopening

India tops list for Australian visitor visa applications since full border reopening

The two years of pandemics and lockdowns and protocols made people suffocate. As the world is opening up with some relaxations tourism industry has taken swing now. Thousands of people are planning for holidays along with their families to Australia. India is one of the top countries to apply for holidays in Australia.

Australia opened all its borders to international tourists on Feb 21, 2022. By then, 87,807 visitor visas were applied for visiting purposes. By April 13, the international tourists percentage increased by 109, and the number of visiting visa holders was recorded as 183,201 in Australia.

According to the Department of Home affairs reports, during the period Feb 21 to Apr 13, there were 373,152 visitor visa applications were submitted, out of which 292,567 were granted. And 196,662 international visitors visited Australia in the same period.

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Applications lodged in the past three months

Top countries that applied for the tourist visa.



Number of Applications
India 21 February – 12 April 69,242
The UK 21 February – 12 April 43,276
The US 21 February – 12 April 28,008

According to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), the processing time for a few visitor visa applications might take longer due to the pandemic.

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Migration Expert Preeti Kaur in her words….

According to Preeti Kaur, a migration expert from Melbourne, there has been a remarkable increase in tourist visa applications in the last few months, especially from India.

‘I have been entering around 15-16 applicants per month for visitor visas from India since December 2021’. Tourist visas are permitted nowadays for a maximum of 2-3 months. And the application submission and complete documentation are made more accessible and quicker.

When accurate and correct information-related documentation is provided, one can expect fast visa approval. Notably, the proof of funds to be spent during the holiday must be provided.

Gold Coast Migration Agent, Seema Chauhan…

Majority of the clients who approached me for the visas have got approval in a few weeks except one due to medical clearance. Applications get rejected only when there is not enough supporting documentation submitted.

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