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H-1B visa holders get the highest pay in the United States

H-1B visa holders are among the highest paid workers in the United States

Cato Institute in the US, revealed that the H-1B visa holders get the highest pay in the USA. The percentile of the wages is 90. This means that the paychecks that H-1B holders receive are rated among the top ten percent of the earners in the USA.

DHS has revealed that in 2021, the average wage that the H-1B visa holders were getting was $108,000. Comparatively, the median wage of all the US workers was $45,760 in 2021. The growth of H-1B wage led to the growth of H-1B workers.

H-1B wages are on rise

The growth of H-1B wage between 2003 and 2021 was 52 percent. The wage growth of the US workers in the same period was 39 percent. This is the first time that the H-1B wage growth rose up to 90 percentile. DHS has launched its H-1B lottery in which 85,000 work visas were given to high skilled foreign workers.

There is no data regarding the number of immigrants, but the demand of H-1B visa has gone beyond the cap. For the fiscal year of 2022, the number of H1-B registrations was 308,613, while the number of visas available was 85,000. The largest recipients of these visas were Indian IT companies.

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Web Story: H-1B’s holders are the highly paid workers in the USA

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