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A great opportunity to gain Canada’s Start-up visa program


The world today is experiencing a change in migration policies. Fewer times stringent and at times less. Despite all the chaos the Canadian start-up visa program is the answer. This brilliant opportunity is for high potential business entrepreneurs who have the flare to create a global business with a global scalability in Canada. Additionally, business owners also have the benefit to gain a permanent residency in Canada in less than 2 or 5 months. The program enables an international entrepreneur to start a new venture.

Why Canada

Undoubtedly Canada has been one of the populous choices for business

• A strong economy that has been lucrative

• Low business costs

• Low taxes

• Excellence in terms innovation and market research

• Absolute affordable top quality

• Reliable collaboration with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)

Requirements to avail the Start-up Visa program

The sole purpose is to invite and recruit an innovative foreign national entrepreneur who has the flare to create work opportunities for the locals as first priority

• English language proficiency should be CLB 5 in all four components

• Evidence of sufficient funds to get along in Canada

• Educational credentials

• A plan to settle in one of the provinces

• Ought to clear the Canadian medical clearance

• The business has to be supported by a designated organization

• Not more than five applicants can apply for a permanent residency through the start-up program

The first step for a business entrepreneur has to be accepted by the Canadian business incubator program and the investment should be at least $200,000. No help will be rendered from the business incubator program.

A Commitment Certificate has to be submitted by the investor organization on behalf of the applicant which would contain relevant details about the business plan and strategy. After all this process the applicant receives a confirmation from the investor organization which should be attached with the application for a permanent residency. The applicant might be for a single or even multiple business ventures.

The duration of the program is to accept 2750 applications every year. The validity for each business entrepreneur is 5 years. You may also get to choose from the assigned Venture capital funds and Angel investor group who are a part of this start-up program. You are welcome to bring a business that is already earning a good income in the home country. And make sure your plans are in sync with the Canadian business laws.

Make sure as an applicant you have 10 percent of the company rights. And as a part of the program, the investor and the applicant should at an equal percent of ownership. You can bring to Canada business such as business services, bioscience, renewable energy and any field related to technology.

Lastly, it is the incubator team that helps to develop a curriculum with a strong business model. You will be mentored to overcome any challenges to become the best in the business world. Gear up as the program is all set to start from July 12th through the 15th, 2017.

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