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Germany – India new mobility plan: 3,000 job seeker visas/year


Highlights of Germany – India new mobility plan

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In the latest on India’s collaborations with developed nations with a view to improving opportunities to work overseas, a new mobility plan has been formalized with Germany to issue 3000 job seeker visas/ year. The aim is to open pathways for a healthy exchange of talented and skilled people between these countries.

A Comprehensive Migration and Mobility Partnership was signed recently by Mr. Jaishankar, India’s External Affairs Minister, and his German counterpart, Mr. Annalena Baerbock.

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A high-scoring deal with Germany

There are three major benefits expected to be had from this agreement between India and Germany. They are:

Also, this agreement will institutionalize a joint working group meant to strengthen cooperation between the countries in Migration and Mobility even more! Here’s what India’s Ministry of External Affairs stated about this agreement:

“The Agreement has specific provisions to facilitate mobility and employment opportunities for fostering the exchange of skills and talents. These include Academic Evaluation Center in New Delhi, eighteen months extended residence permits to students, three thousand Job Seeker Visas annually, liberalized short stay multiple entry visas, and streamlined readmission procedures,”

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Big plans between India and Germany

This agreement for Comprehensive Migration & Mobility Partnership works well for the overall attempts made by both nations to build a network of bilateral agreements with labor market destinations considered highly prospective. This agreement is also a significant step in the efforts for the expansion of strategic partnerships with Germany that are multi-faceted in nature.

“The India-Germany MMPA is part of overall efforts to create a network of agreements with prospective labor market destination Countries with twin objectives of creating a favorable visa regime for Indians towards accessing the labor market of these countries,”
Ministry of External Affairs, India

Good things have happened already!

It has to be noted on this occasion that the German Skilled Immigration Act of 2020 has increased the opportunities for skilled people from non-EU countries to work abroad. A new law is due to be implemented in early 2023 whereby, the Government of Germany has proposed to bring about the immigration of workers who are qualified for employment, from abroad.

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Web Story: New mobility plan of Germany & India, increased residence permits to students & 3,000 job-seeker visas/year

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