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From December 15, 2021, India will resume International Flights

India will resume international flights

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From 15th December 2021, India resumes International flights to all countries finally after a long gap of 20months. But they will be few restrictions on the number of flights per country based on the health risk factors.

List of key destinations from India

The key destinations from India include

The above list of countries is allowed to have 100 percent of pre-COVID capacity. In Contrast, Europe and Singapore will allow 75 percent of pre-COVID flights, whereas China and Hongkong allow 50 percent of pre-COVID flights from India.

These services are provided to at least 109 countries. But for a few countries have stringent travel restrictions because of the advent of new coronavirus variant in South Africa.

Fares are likely to drop

This announcement will result in a fall of airfares, specifically on key routes. Currently, India has signed with 31 countries as an interim measure.

 “Due to prevailing COVID-19 situation, the capacity entitlements shall be as per the category of countries based on enlistment of countries as at-risk from time to time by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,” the Ministry of Civil Aviation said in an order issued on Friday.

As per the records from Ministry of Civil Aviation, the countries listed outside the “at-risk” list will permit 100 percent of pre-COVID flights, whereas the countries in the “at-risk” list will allow 75 percent of pre-COVID flights. In contrast, the countries which don’t have air-bubbles with India will permit only 50 percent of pre-pandemic flights.

List of countries “at risk”

There are 11 countries that are listed as “at risk”. These include

‘IndiGo’ to The Hindu

“We welcome the resumption of flights under the bilateral agreements for many countries. There has to be some re-planning and re-scheduling by the airlines and this will take a day or two, perhaps longer for foreign carriers. Until the competitive situation on each route becomes clear it is difficult to predict the fare trajectory. In general though, more capacity is, of course, good news for the customers,” Willy Boulter, Chief Commercial Officer, IndiGo told The Hindu.

India’s decision regarding resuming international flights was welcomed by various international carriers. This is just to revert to “bilaterally agreed capacity” because the air-bubbles with selective countries led to fears because India is trying to revise these bilateral agreements without any discussions.

Lufthansa Group Airlines says…

The demand for international flights remained high for both to and from India. The Lufthansa Airline and Swiss International Airlines, both part of Lufthansa Group, are looking forward to serve Indian customers with an increasing number of flights as quickly as possible. As one of the first countries in Asia to open up, India will have a clear advantage in recovering from the pandemic,” said George Ettiyil, Senior Director Sales for Lufthansa Group Airlines, South Asia.

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