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From December 1, Australia Welcomes Students and Workers

Australia to re-open borders

The Australian government has recently lifted travel restrictions for overseas travelers. This has led to massive travel bookings to the southern hemisphere.

On Monday, Australia announced that it would open its borders for foreign students and skilled workers from December 1 2021, easing the strict travel restrictions.

Australia will shut down its borders for twenty months due to restrict the spreading of the potent coronavirus. From December 1, 2021, it reopens for the entry of some visa holders – as well as Japanese and South Korean citizens.

“Australia is re-opening to the world,” said Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews as she announced the news, adding it was “yet another step forward for Australia.” The government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison lifted restrictions on Australians travelling overseas last month, sparking a flood of travel bookings for the southern hemisphere summer.

Business groups have set strict rules for vaccinated visa holders to allow them to return, as it is hard for them to grid for the third year.

The rules are eased mainly to attract international students to study in Australia, because most of the Asian students are willing to opt for the United States or Europe online courses than the universities in Australia.

But these pandemic restrictions will remain for a few states in Australia, where the vaccinated travelers still have to follow quarantine measures. In contrast, travelers from Japan, South Korea, and Singapore can visit Australia only if they get pre-departure negative Covid-19 results.

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