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First Indian migrants to win Australian business award in 31 years

First Indian migrants to win Australian business award in 31 years

Abstract: Priyanka Sethi Berani and Ved Berani are the first Indian migrants to win the Australian business award in 31 years


The Indian immigrant couple, Priyanka Sethi Barani and Ved Barani, based in Melbourne, have won the 32nd EBA for their dental practice in Australia. Ved Berani claims that after 31 years, Indian immigrants have been awarded the prestigious EBA.

Dr. Berani adds that they have linked donated the prize money, which amounts to ten-thousand-dollar to a Sikh volunteering organization.

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The dental practice of the Indian couple in Melbourne

The dental clinic, Healthy Smiles Dental Group, by Ved Berani and Priyanka Sethi Berani, employs 35 staff members. There are 11 doctors employed on contract.

Dr. Berani says their practice has launched sleep dentistry. The doctors in this practice use local anesthesia for the operation procedure on the patients.

He married Priyanka Sethi in 2003. She had a background in Business. The couple wanted to buy a practice that was already up and running, but no bank in Australia gave them a loan.

They started out when a finance company gave them the funding for a clinic. Dr. Berani started treating the patients that came, and his wife was in the clinic as a receptionist. Their clinic gradually flourished to be awarded the EBA in 2022.

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The dental clinic during the pandemic…

Dr. Berani says that they continued their practice even during the pandemic shutdown. Despite lower revenues, they treated thirty-five foreign students for free during that time. They also provided emergency services to the patients.

They also did not lay off any of their staff members during the pandemic and gave all the necessary support.

Roots of Ved Barani

Ved Berani came to Australia in 2001. He studied at Monash University for his Business Administration degree. After failing to secure a post-graduate dental seat at a government college in Mumbai.

Dr. Berani did not qualify for dental studies at a government-sponsored college in Mumbai for his post-graduation, after which he shifted to Australia.

While working at Monash University as a servo, he got robbed at gunpoint. This incident led him to think about switching back to his prior interest in dental practice.

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Advice by Ved Berani

Ved Berani advises Indians in Australia to speak up for their rights in Australia. He believes that the Indian migrant community is highly skilled and motivated. They have to assert themselves to make a name for themselves in a foreign country and lead from the front.

What is EBA?

The EBA or Ethnic Business Awards are awarded to indigenous entrepreneurs or immigrants for their accomplishments in the field of business. The award is supposedly the longest-running business award in Australia.

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