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Finland the first EU Country to Test Digital Passports

Finland - First EU Country to Test Digital Passports

Highlights of Finland’s digital passports

Finland to start testing digital passports

Finland has made an announcement that it wants to test digital travel requirements in cross border travel. Finland will become the first country in the EU to take this step. Finland is taking the step as it is the wish of the European Commission to carry out the pilot project by some of the member states.

The states will issue a report of their experiences to present a proposal to implement this project in all the member states. The EU commission will provide funds for the project. The plan will first be implemented between Finland and Croatia.

After the approval of the funds, the travel requirements will be tested at Helsinki Airport. According to the Finnish newspaper, an inspector Mikko Väisänen at the Finnish Border Guard told that digital requirements will help in increasing the pace of the travel process and border check.

The inspector has also said that a funding application is being drafted for the commission. This application has to be submitted by the end of August. After the funding of the application, a decision will be taken whether the project should be started or not.

The inspector also said that if the project is approved a phone app will be provided to a group of volunteers in which the travel requirements will be included. The app will help the passengers to send their information electronically in their travel requirements to the authorities at the border.

The information in the app will be verified in advance and will be deleted after the end of the trip.

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