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EP and CP agree on Immigration Liaison Officers

eu parliament

An agreement for Immigration Liaison Officers has been agreed upon provisionally amongst the representatives of the European Parliament and Council Presidency. This is for enhancing the functioning of the network of these officers in Europe. It will now be tabled before the ambassadors of the EU for affirmation on behalf of the Council.

The EU is strengthening the coordination and cooperation amongst the Immigration Liaison Officers. These are deployed at third nations by member nations or the EU for dealing with issues pertaining to immigration, as quoted by the Consilium Europa EU. 

The coordination amongst the EU member nations in cooperation with third nations is essential. This is for ensuring a maximum possible strong response of the EU to immigration. The new policies will permit the EU to optimize the activities of the Immigration Liaison Officers on the ground. This includes areas like returns and combating smuggling of migrants.

The provisional agreement is inclusive of the below terms:

•    An EU level Steering Board for strengthening the management of coordination and network of liaison officers. This is while maintaining the competency of the authorities that deploy them for ensuring clear communication lines and effectiveness.

•    A more powerful role for Immigration Liaison Officers to combat smuggling of immigrants

•    ILOs will collate information for assisting third nations to prevent unlawful flows of immigrants and supporting management of borders at the external borders of the EU

•    ILOs can also assist member nations in facilitating returns of third nation citizens staying unlawfully

•    Funds will be offered to support activities of ILOs and will be allocated in concurrence of the Steering board

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