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Right to work for men on Dependent Visas in the UAE

Immigrant families in the UAE have a reason to cheer as husbands on Dependent Visas now get the right to work. Many working-class migrant families in the UAE have women working as teachers, nurses, doctors etc. Though such women were allowed to sponsor their husbands on a Dependent Visa, the men did not have the right to work.

Since men did not have work rights on a Dependent Visa, many women usually lived alone in the UAE. Sponsoring their husband was deemed an additional financial burden as they could not work.

However, the new rule will not only allow the men on Dependent Visas to work but also enhance the family’s income, as quoted by the Gulf News.

Dr Jamil Ahmed, MD of Prime Healthcare Group, said that this new move is a masterstroke from the Govt. Many married migrant women in the UAE work as nurses and doctors and they sponsor their husbands on a Dependent Visa. Several of these women have qualified and skilled husbands. Employers in the UAE would now be able to tap into this latent talent pool.

Vandana Marwaha, Principal of Delhi Pvt. School Sharjah, said that she was very happy for her teachers who had sponsored their husbands. She says that surviving on a teacher’s salary is not always easy. The new rule will give sponsored husbands the right to work which will add to the family income. It will also help schools in the UAE retain talented teachers who often left their jobs as their spouses could not work.

Dileep K who works as a Freelance Media person says that the new rule will make every adult in a family productive. Husbands would be able to add to the family income which will enhance the standard of living.

M Phillip, a doctor in the UAE, says that her husband is a Software Engineer with 12 years of work experience. He has currently come to the UAE on a Visit Visa to join her. However, with the new rule, she is hopeful that he would be able to find a good job opportunity for himself in the UAE.

Dr Sherbaz Bichu, CEO of Aster Hospitals, believes that the new visa rule will help empower female professionals to look for work in the UAE. It will not only increase the female talent pool but also reduce the stress of married women already working in the UAE.

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