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CRS drops by 22 points in latest EE draw

Canada Express Entry Latest Draw

Regular draws continue to be held despite COVID-19 special measures. ON April 1, IRCC tweeted that Express Entry round of invitations are still being held. IRCC confirmed in the tweet that it is still accepting as well as processing Canada PR applications.  

In Express Entry Draw #141 held on April 9, Canada invited 606 Express Entry candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Two separate draws were held on April 9. 

Candidates invited in the first draw of April 9 had a provincial nomination. The minimum CRS cut-off in this draw was 698. 

By CRS is meant the Comprehensive Ranking System. It is the way by which profiles in the Express Entry System are ranked against each other. The highest ranking profiles are issued invitations in the draws that are held from the Express Entry pool.

The previous invitation round for provincial nomination only candidates was held on March 18. The CRS in this present round decreased by 22 rounds from the previously held provincial nomination only round.

Since March 18, two other program-specific rounds were held through the Express Entry System, with the Canadian Experience Class and those with provincial nominations being specifically targeted. 

The first draw held on April 9 is the eighth draw to be held in 2020. With this, the total number of Invitations to Apply [ITAs] issued in 2020 so far comes to 23,206. 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC] used the tie-break rule in this draw. The date and time used in this draw was December 18, 2019 at 11:29:51 UTC. 

When a tie-break is applied in any draw it means that all candidates that had either the CRS cut-off score or above, and had submitted their profile before the date and time specified in the tie-break applied, will be receiving an ITA in that particular round of invitations. 

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