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Canadian PGWP: Online Studies to Soon be Ineligible

Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada

Canada is among the leading countries for study abroad. One of the benefits of studying in Canada as an international student is that you get to stay back and work in Canada after you graduate.

An international student might apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) from within Canada, provided they are eligible for the same. Canadian PGWP must be applied for in the 180 days from receiving degree/diploma/transcript.

To be eligible for the PGWP, you must have completed a study program in Canada at any of the Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). The study course in Canada must have been at least eight months in duration.

For applying for a study permit for Canada, you will require an acceptance letter from a DLI in Canada. A DLI is an educational institution specifically approved by a provincial or territorial government to take in overseas students.

Generally, for PGWP eligibility, you will be required to maintain the status of a full-time student in Canada for each semester of your study program. However, certain changes had been incorporated in view of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Between Spring 2020 and December 31, 2021, a temporary COVID-19 policy allows an international student to complete up to 100% of their studies online, without affecting their eligibility for the PGWP.

The temporary policy is in place until December 31, 2021.

To be eligible for this temporary policy, you must –

·         Be enrolled in a PGWP-eligible program

·         Were outside Canada and unable to travel to Canada due to COVID-19 but could still take online classes

·         Had begun a program in any semester between Spring 2020 to Fall 2021. Or your study program must have already been in process in March 2020.

·         Must have a Canada study permit or been approved for the same. Or, might have applied for a study permit for Canada that was eventually approved.

·         Meet all the other eligibility criteria for the PGWP.

After December 31, 2021, the time spent studying outside Canada will no longer be counted towards the length of a PGWP.

Work in Canada after graduating

You will need to secure a Canada work permit if you intend to stay back and work in Canada after graduation.

The Canadian work experience thereby gained will make them you eligible for various Canada immigration pathways, federal as well as provincial.

You can apply for Canadian PGWP, provided you have graduated from any of the DLIs eligible for the work permit for Canada. If you are approved for PGWP, your spouse or common-law partner might be eligible for an open work permit for Canada.

There are other kinds of work permits available as well. Even if you are not eligible for a PGWP, you can still work in Canada after you graduate.

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